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South Branch Controls, LLC is a family owned company whose goal is to provide high quality automation to customers who cannot support the overhead of an on-staff automation group.


Rising fuel and personnel costs coupled with decreasing infrastructure costs make automation a cost effective method of reducing production overhead.

PERFORM™ (South Branch Controls' SCADA system) means fewer miles are traveled in vehicles, faster response to changing production needs and more efficient use of production resources (manpower, energy, materials, etc.).

Custom Automation

South Branch Controls (SBC) works with each customer to provide just the automation needed for specific applications. SBC can provide automation within a single facility or among widely scattered facilities via the Internet.

SBC strives to be the one-stop automation source for our customers. Services include design, build, installation, setup and data management. SBC provides training for employees where needed. Automation equipment can be monitored and controlled from any Internet-enabled computer or smart phone (iPhone® , Android® , Blackberry® , etc.).

In the event of Internet interruption, automation devices continue to operate and save the operational data until Internet service is restored. On-site controls are also provided for manual and emergency operation.

South Branch Controls readily accepts "normal" projects; relishes projects that are "hard to do"; and routinely does projects that "cannot be done "!
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