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Features Benefits
Controller at each process location Better control over process – more reliable, more consistent product. Equipment can run without constant manual supervision. Saves manpower.
Monitor and control over the Internet Equipment can be controlled remotely from any normal Internet browser. Reduces driving and personnel time.
Onsite control (switches, pushbuttons or touchscreen) Equipment can be controlled onsite. Changes are automatically transferred to the Internet server.
Data is automatically monitored, collected and archived Allows graphs, charts and data streams to be downloaded from the PERFORM™ server. Keeps record of all transactions as well as who performed them.
Warnings Automatically emails warnings to pertinent personnel. Can email any number of recipients. Emails can also be sent to text enabled cell phones and PDA's.
Security PERFORM™ is secure. All accounts are password protected. Controllers can only be remotely accessed through the PERFORM™ server.

Case Study in Automation

(Municipal Water System, New Mexico)

Not Automated
Annual Expenses
Annual Expenses
Labor Costs 29,200 7,300
Mileage Costs 14,892 3,723
Data/Maintenance Costs 4,200
Equipment (Amortized over five years ) 8,000
Total Annual Costs $44,092 $23,223
Annual Savings after Automation = $20,869
Years Needed to Pay for Automation Equipment = 1.92
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